Fredrik Efraimsson

Fredrik Efraimsson

Naval Architect and Project Manager – STENA TEKNIK

I have been working at Stena Teknik since 2008 and my work varies a lot. Every day is different, which I think is great. Right now, one of the things I’m doing is leading a fire project, which involves reviewing and improving fire safety on both RoRo vessels and ferries. The project group consists of representatives of Northern Marine Ferries, Stena Line and Stena RoRo.

My main area of expertise is hydrodynamics and as a naval architect at Stena Teknik, I’m also involved in newbuilding projects where we design vessels so that they are as effective as possible in the water. We also work with ships that have to maintain their correct position when they drill.

What is the best thing about your job?
There’s a lot that’s good! It’s both varied and you get the opportunity to work with a lot of people with different backgrounds and expert knowledge. At Stena Teknik, we’re like a filter between the business unit ands the experts. We have to understand what both the business and the experts want to achieve in order to deliver something that benefits the business deal. Also, I think it’s fascinating to learn about new technology and having the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of research motivates me. This makes my job both exciting and varied.


I studied naval architecture at Chalmers University of Technology and I chose that programme because I’m interested in the sea and ships, but also because it is broad in scope. You work with a lot of different areas, from engines to hydromechanics, which suits me very well.

Why would you recommend Stena Bulk as an employer?
Here, you are not tied to a framework; rather, it’s a question of understanding what the problem is and then solving it. Stena invests a lot in the individual and there are good opportunities for further development.


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