Johan Jäwert

Johan Jäwert

Vice President Commercial Operations – STENA BULK

I have been working at Stena Bulk for more than 11 years and recently took up the position of Vice President for Commercial Operations, the department responsible for all the logistics involving tanker transportation. Everything from nominating port agents to communicating with customers and instructing the captain on board the ship to ensure that the customer’s requirements are met. I’m responsible for my staff making sure that the ships arrive at the right place, with the right cargo and at the right time.

I have a BSc. in Nautical Science and Shipping and Logistics from Chalmers University of Technology as a result of my great interest in ships and shipping. Shipping is exciting because it involves trading physically. Instead of trading on paper, we transport actual goods from A to B all over the world with all that entails.

What is the best thing with your job?
That it’s oriented towards problem solving! There are 30 of us in commercial operations and we are responsible for 120 ships carrying everything from crude oil between the Arabian Gulf and the US to short haul transportation of chemicals in the Gulf of Mexico. This means that you have to be on your toes, make your own decisions and like problem solving.

Why would you recommend Stena Bulk as an employer?
If you want to make a difference for a company, then Stena Bulk is the right workplace. The employees have to be highly committed, but in return you become an important cog and we trust all our employees to make the right decisions. In addition, there are ample opportunities for working internationally with customers all over the world.

What qualifications are required?
Historically speaking, everybody working here has a BSc. in Nautical Science but today it’s absolutely not a must. If you study, for example, Logistics and Shipping, economics or engineering, there is a good chance you will feel at home in our industry. We train all our new employees and after about six months, they get to work on their own. To be independent, you have to work a couple of years in the industry and there is always more to learn.

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