Birger Kristensson

Birger Kristensson

2nd Engineer onboard Stena Germanica – STENA LINE

Education: Naval engineer
Works as 2nd Engineer onboard Stena Germanica
Working for Stena Line since 2005

The vessel I work on is the world’s first ship powered by methanol. A big investment in sustainable solutions like this is the future for shipping, if you ask me. It feels good to be part of that. For us working in the engine room thinking about the environment is natural. I see it as a win-win solution, both for the environment and for the company.

My job is, among other things, to supervise operations and refueling. I work during two weeks, twelve hours a day, and then I am off for three weeks. I have three small children at home so it is hard for my fiancé when I am working, but on the other hand: once I am home she thinks it is a lot better than me having a job with regular hours. I agree with her.

Work can be lonely sometimes, especially at night, but I like it. During the days the control room is crowded with people where I spend a lot of time. Sometimes passengers come knocking on the door as well. It can be people that are curious about how our machines work or people considering working for us that want to know what it is like. I give them the Small or Big Tour of the engine department, depending on how interested they are. It is fun to show people what we do and how we work.

If you get the chance to work for Stena Line I think you should take it! It is a safe and stable employer with a lot of potential for development. And it is a company that not only uses vessels, but also develops and builds them in an innovative way, with the courage to invest in new technology.


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