Area of responsibility: As Chief Engineer I have a combination of two roles in one. One is to take care of the effective operation of the ship. The other is Ship Safety Officer, where operational safety of the crew is the focus. A role as Chief Engineer is very interesting and varied, meaning my working days are busy and pass quickly.

The safety culture and awareness are of paramount importance. Budget planning, control of day by day maintenance and running costs of the ship are all imperative. I hold daily discussions with the Captain and we both try to run the vessel in the most efficient way, while working to ensure crew are satisfied onboard. Despite obligations that keep me by the office computer, I always like to spend time each day in the Engine Room and I never miss the morning coffee with the Engine Room team, when jobs planned for the day are discussed.

Education: After high school I went in the Faculty of Economics in Maritime where I came more in contact with the maritime industry. It made me more fascinated about ships trading and life onboard. Back then I decided to enroll in Marine Engineering Faculties in parallel, because I’ve been more interested in seafaring. In 2005 I graduated on both faculties and got Bachelor for Management and other Qualified Marine Engineer. I always used to say, the theory works the best in combination with practice.

Why did you choose this area? Since I was child I have loved the sea; travelling and challenges. All in all, being a seafarer would cover all these. By choosing this job and receiving Chief Engineer position, I get involved in all operations vital for the vessel, which makes me busy. It is a dynamic role with a lot of multitasking, which is what I like. I made a good choice.

How long have you been working with Stena? 10 years

What is the best thing with your job?  There is always something going on onboard; operational actions, job planning, maintenance etc. I like it very much. The days pass quickly because there are many different tasks to complete. However, the best thing is when you have counted down to the last day when you have completed a successful contract and you know soon you will be with your family again.

Why would you recommend Stena as an employer? I am lucky that I started my sea career as an employee of Northern Marine and Stena. Time shows I made the best choice. I appreciate a feeling of safety, respect on both sides, confidence and support (both private and professional). I'm sure you can't find it in every company.

And from another side, I respect that Northern Marine and Stena always promote and support innovative ideas and let everyone participate in a project which can make our job more efficient or safer. Investing in ideas and people is the best way to do business and what I like about Northern Marine and Stena.


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